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The Smiths - Demos and Instrumentals, Unreleased Studio Outtakes (Stereo Version), 1983-1987

The Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now”

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If you lived through the 90’s, How Soon Is Now? is without a doubt one of the most recognizable songs of that well loved decade. Released by The Smiths in 1984, it became the soundtrack of the 1990’s tv series Charmed. It’s one of those tracks you can’t get sick of, or out of your head, because of its connection to the decade we all loved.

Lead singer Morrissey shows off his original vocals in this track, with a nasally sound, but fitting into the 80’s rock scene. The melody of the song can be described as futuristic and haunting, making it easy to understand why it was picked for the Charmed TV series, which is based around three witches. It is noted as one of The Smiths biggest hits, but with the returning love of The Smiths with the hipster apocalypse in recent years, they all don’t seem to care for this track (we wonder why).

It isn’t the best insight into what The Smiths are all about, where they had a more pop sound than the slight rock sound from ‘How Soon Is Now?’ It’s the track that could easily put the band on par with Joy Division, yet nothing close to it. Listen to the famous track below even if you don’t think you know this song, this will jog your memory.

By Sarah Keary

OurVinyl | Contributor

The Smiths’ How Soon Is Now