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The Slackers’ “Self Medication”

Song Of The Day

Artist: The Slackers
Song: Self Medication (live)
Album: Self Medication

Today’s song takes a look at what many argue is the most important band in the current reggae scene, New York City’s The Slackers. Led by keyboardist and singer Vic Ruggerio, along with trombonist and singer Glen Pine, This sextet have been getting people down and groovy for twenty years as of this summer.

The Slackers are notorious for their live shows. That’s how their fan base originated, and that’s why they release a new live album almost yearly, (sometimes even more often) through Whatevski records. Undoubtedly, if this is your first time checking out the band, you want a live rendition.

This is not your average reggae.
No cheer and sunny days in this song.
What’s your self medication?

By Dean Goranites