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The Shins Australia

The Shins’ “Australia”

Song Of The Day

Australia is a big ass continent, with barely anyone living on it (compared to it’s immense size), hidden down in the lower right hand corner of a map. It’s also the name of today’s song of the day, and it is from the Shins. This song perfectly shows this band’s ability to create music that adeptly falls between a dance tempo, and something you would just listen to and contemplate. So you end up tapping your feet and listening intently, and that is just alright, it’s probably what the band had in mind. Listen for the banjo picking, and the 60’s verby guitar, that make subtle cameos in this number.

As it’s Friday, a day either for end of the week relaxation, or a raucous beginning to your playful weekend. This song seems to fit either motive. Enjoy!

The Shins’ Australia