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The Rolling Stones Doom And Gloom

The Rolling Stones’ “Doom And Gloom”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is an interesting one, and perfect for a Friday. It is a brand new Rolling Stones song, and is titled “Doom and Gloom”. Yes you read that right, it is a brand new song from The Rolling Stones. It was recorded for their upcoming 50th anniversary album and was just released yesterday on Youtube. The boys sounds young and energetic in this one, impressively so.

It is a quick paced toe-tapping blues rock song, which isn’t anything new for the Stones, but is still pulled off well. What’s great is that they sometimes downshift into half time, without loosing any momentum, and then snap back. It’s not complicated, but it’s the Stones at full bore, and that’s still something to take notice of.

Happy 50th anniversary guys!