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The Rolling Stones confessin' the blues

The Rolling Stones’ “Confessin’ The Blues”

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It was only 50 years ago today, at London’s Marquee Jazz Club, that band which called themselves – of all things – The Rolling Stones, performed their first ever live show. While Keith and Mick are the only two members that have remained part of the group since then (although Brian Jones was a part of the band then as well), that’s still not too shabby after five decades of creating music. And not just creating music, but creating some of rock n roll’s (and popular music in general) most eminent & revered songs and albums. They set a precedent for what a rock show should be like, and how crazy rock stars can be and get away with it, that we are still the legacy holders of.

On that night Mick can remember a few of the songs they played, including today’s song of the day, Confessin’ The Blues. The Stones were of course highly highly influenced by, what was then (in 1962) the relatively unknown American art form known as the Delta-Blues. And as Muddy Waters said, “the blues had a baby, and they called that baby rock n’ roll”. Well if that’s true, then The Rolling Stones either helped birth that baby, or at least were foster parents in the early years of it’s development.

Thank you Rolling Stones for 50 years of spectacular music, and for showing us that great bands truly can stick together till the very end.

By Sean Brna

OurVinyl | Editor