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punch brothers how to grow a woman from the ground

The Punch Brothers: How to Grow a Woman From The Ground

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Artist: The Punch Brothers
Track: “How To Grow A Woman From The Ground”

Today we bring you an article from one of our very special senior writers. Jorge joined the OurVinyl team a few months ago and has been an amazing journalist! We want to make sure we give a big shout out and Happy Birthday! We are tremendously grateful for all of your help! Below is one of Jorge’s favorite songs!

From Chris Thile’s fifth album, comes one of the most haunting yet simple anthems about women. Writen by Tom Brosseau and performed by Thile in his album of the same name, this song mixes the longing for love with acoustic instrumentation and recorded in one single take on an open microphone with all the instruments playing at the same time.

Performed live by Thile (a mandolin prodigy), Gabe Witcher (fiddle/violin), Noam Pikelny (banjo), Chris Eldridge (guitar), and Paul Kowert (bass); better known as The Punch Brothers, comes a wonderful rendition of this underground classic, recorded during a live concert back in 2009.

The passion, delicacy and honesty in their performances show that less is more, way more, when talent overshadows showcasing itself.

Written by:
Jorge A. López Mendicuti | OurVinyl Senior Writer