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the postal service a tattered line of string

The Postal Service — “A Tattered Line of String”

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Early 2000’s sensation The Postal Service, featuring Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard and Dntel producer Jimmy Tamborello, have recently announced a reunion tour and re-pressing of their sole record, Give Up, in celebration of the album’s 10 year anniversary.

Fans of the Postal Service have been waiting for good news such as this for years, and things got even sweeter when the duo released “A Tattered Line of String” this week. The brand new track, featuring a Death Cab-esk guitar riff and some pop-infused electronica, will be included on the re-issue, along with another new track, some covers from The Shins and Iron and Wine, remixes, live recordings, and more.

The Postal Service’s reunion tour only includes 12 stops, one being at Coachella — so if you’re a fan, don’t miss out on the opportunity. It just may be your last!

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor