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The Pony’s “Wicked City”

Song Of The Day

It is always nice to discover a new band, but it is even better when you notice they have been around for quite a while and recorded a handful of albums to fall in love with. This was my case when I first heard The Ponys Deathbed +4 EP 3 years ago. After giving it a few dozen listens, I got my hands on their debut EP Wicked City, a 7’’ record made more than a decade ago: and the title track hast stocked with me ever since.

Raw, like most debut singles by independent bands, Wicked City presses their whole upcoming career and sound into three and a half minutes: The Who-ish guitar strums, wild out of tempo drumming, careless wailing vocals, tons of energy, happy songs with dark lyrics. If this song doesn’t make you a The Ponys fan, nothing will.

Written by:
Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer