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once it htis your lips

The Once It Hits Your Lips Tour – Concert Review


The past year has been huge for The Friday Night Boys.  Forming in 2006, the pop punk band from Fairfax, Virginia has already signed to the record label Fueled By Ramen.  They have released their first full length album entitled Off The Deep End on June 9, 2009 with producer Emanuel Kiriakou.  The Friday Night Boys have opened tours such as Cobra Starship’s “Hot Mess Across The U.S.” and All Time Low’s “Glamour Kills Tour”.  With the start of 2010 they have had the chance to headline their very own tour entitled the “Once It Hits Your Lips” tour with bands such as The Ready Set, Great Big Planes, Anarbor and The Bigger Lights under them.

The tour came across my town on a Thursday night – a cold one at that.  When I pulled in the lot to park it was $15 to pay for a spot because of the Blue Jackets hockey game happening across the street.  I was not happy.   I made my way to the line which was relatively short, so I was positive that I could get a good spot inside.  It turns out that the people in front of me comprised about half of the audience.  Needless to say, this was a small show.  For some reason, small shows always turn out to be some of the shows I enjoy the most.

The doors opened and I made my way in, finding a spot on the railing on side stage.  My view was perfect, only obstructed by a speaker which prevented me from seeing a little bit of the stage.  One thing that really caught my attention was that there was little to no waiting around by the artists to get the show started.

The opening acts of the tour did not disappoint in the least.  Great Big Planes was out of the ordinary for they were lacking a drummer.  The Ready Set performed amazing live and exceeded my expectations by a long shot.  The Bigger Lights put on a fun show like they always do and played their new single “Jessie” from their upcoming album.  Anarbor was the last of the opening bands to play and I was astonished by their energy and the pure talent that radiated off the stage.  Although the crowd enjoyed the acts, they didn’t really get into them as much as I would have expected.

It was finally time for The Friday Night Boys to take the stage after a couple of hours of waiting and it was obvious the crowd was excited.  Although, one of the first things that lead singer Andrew Goldstein announced to us is something that most crowds would be devastated to hear.  Apparently he had been sick the whole day prior to the show including an uneasy stomach and a stuffy nose.   Nonetheless, that did not keep them from performing an unforgettable show.

Some of the songs from their set included the classic “Molly Makeout” and their songs “Suicide Sunday” and “Stuttering” from Off The Deep End.  I really enjoyed their set and wasn’t bored at all which is saying something due to the fact this was the third time I had seen them.  Robby Reider fed the crowd with his wild bass slides and his crazy antics, hopping to and fro on stage behind Andrew.  The once lifeless crowd was now jumping up and down belting the lyrics to The Friday Night Boys’ songs as they were being sung.  One could still feel the energy coursing through the room even after the show was over.

All in all, the show was a complete success.  The right mesh of talents made it continuously entertaining and completely worth taking the $15 out of my pocket to pay for the over-priced parking.  I really admired the fact that Andrew didn’t let his sickness get him down and that they were still able to perform a full-fledged set.  For their first headlining tour, The Friday Night Boys handled it like seasoned professionals. I look forward to future tours from them because I know I will definitely be in attendance.

Written By:
Becca White