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the offspring

The Offspring: “Jennifer Lost The War”

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the offspring

Artist: The Offspring
Song: ”Jennifer Lost The War”
Album: The Offspring

Perspective is important. This week The Offspring released their first new album in four years. Much more pop rock than their humble punk beginnings, it seemed fitting to remind everyone what they started out as, and how they sounded.

This is the first song on their very first album, released way back in 1989. It’s raw and unrelenting at a terse two and half minutes. It’s a fiery yet anthemic beginning to their career. The song bristles with purpose–it’s a song about rape and murder, and how in today’s hurried and desensitized society we tend to not feel the true gravity of the situation. In essence, human life has been marginalized and cheapened, even at it’s most violent end.

Searing guitars? Check. Pounding drums? Check. Vitriolic delivery from the singer? Check. Just look at the big picture at the top. That was the original cover of their first album. Good and offensive like a young punk band should be. Doesn’t it just warm the heart?

Even if you too like the society in the song want to forget about the gravity of the subject matter, it can still be appreciated as a great punk song that hints at what’s to come in their hit-filled future. Let this track get your blood pumping.

Now go listen to “Cruising California” and deny that the world lost a voice with purpose and gained another bubbly SoCal diddy.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer