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The Music’s “Ghost Hands”

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Artist: The Music
Song: “Ghost Hands”
Album: Single

Back in 2002, this quartet from Kippax near Leeds had caused quite a stir with their first loud, energetic record. The rebellious attitude of their raw, unique sound gained them immediate recognition and allowed them to play successful shows around the world. Their studio albums (‘The Music’, ‘Welcome to the North’ and ‘Strength in Numbers’) enjoyed great popularity. Having played together since 1999, the group decided to disband after several farewell shows in Japan and UK this summer. Luckily, their music is here to stay.
Ghost Hands was intended for the band’s fourth album, however following a change of plans, it is being released as a download. It is the final song from The Music, an anthemic and inspiring piece marking the start of great new things. You can download it for free from the band’s website:

Written By Natalia Gronowska