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The Modern Electric’s “David Bowie (Save Us All)”

Song Of The Day

Song: David Bowie (Save Us All)

Artist: The Modern Electric

LP: The Modern Electric

The Modern Electric are singing the Song of the Day today, ‘David Bowie (Save Us All). “David Bowie is my hero. D-D-D-David, D-David Bowie.” Could truer words have been spoken? I think not.

The Modern Electric are currently an unsigned Cleveland band (YEAH! REPRESENT), but after listening to their self-titled album, main-streaming may not be too far away.

The band has coined the term “cinematic pop” to describe their songs and with the dulcet pounding of the piano to open this tune, the term is an accurate assessment.

The song is whimsical. Just like David Bowie. Just like the Modern Electric.

Sidenote: This video was taken at the Brite Winter Festival in Cleveland in February, 2011. It. Was. COLD.