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The Melodic

The Melodic’s “On My Way”

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Let’s keep the easy-breezy weekend vibe going with a song from a band so new that their debut EP hasn’t even been released yet. Hailing from Brixton in the UK, the band is called The Melodic and their blend of folk, world music and pop is incredibly earnest and aurally pleasing with hints of bands like The Magnetic Fields, The Decemberists, and Belle and Sebastian. Check out “On My Way” right now:

This may anger a few people, but to me this it what good folk pop should sound like, not the pomp and circumstance of over-hyped bands like Mumford and Sons. If you like what you hear from The Melodic, check out their debut EP, also titled ‘On My Way,’ to hit stores this June courtesy of Anti Records.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer