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The Master of Miracles: “Number 1”

Song Of The Day

Artist: The Master of Miracles
Song: “Number 1”

We featured The Master of Miracles back when he was known as 1 Minute Miracles, aptly named for his multitude of hip hop instrumentals that clocked in under or just around one minute long. Now focusing on lengthier work, The Master of Miracles has posted the first single from his foray into the world of tracks longer than two television commercials.

“Number 1” starts off slow, with a simple bass line and an electronica influenced drum loop. The first thing fans will notice is the prominence of vocals on the track, featured for the first time in any of The Master’s work.

Just when things might seem to be getting a little tedious and repetitive, the bomb goes off at the 2:50 mark. What originally seemed like a trip down a lazy river of sludge explodes into a wall of sound that puts The Master’s top-notch drum work on display.

If you dig the sounds you hear below, don’t forget to follow the artist on Tumblr, and on Twitter @1minutemiracles.

Written By:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor

1 by The Master of Miracles