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The Mars Volta’s “,14”

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Fans of the now defunct group The Mars Volta have had reason to celebrate over the past few days. A collection of 15 demos and unreleased tracks have surfaced on the internet. Tracks range from complete-sounding unreleased tracks to demos and studio noodling that is likely Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group demos. The era of these gems ranges from 2006’s ‘Amputechture’ up through last year’s criminally overlooked and radically different ‘Noctourniquet.’ None of the tracks have official titles yet, but listen this incredible cut that was labeled “,14”

Based on the sound of the song, it feels like an unreleased song from ‘Noctourniquet.’ It’s downtempo and mournful in tone, fitting with much of that album’s content. There’s something about this track that is haunting and beautiful, reminding you they were far more than bombast they were primarily known for. It reminds you that this band was continuously evolving and still had plenty of creative energy left in the tank despite members losing interest and focusing on other projects (*cough Bosnian Rainbows cough*). Nobody has claimed responsibility for the leak, so only time will tell if this was an intentional band member leak or just some overeager fan wanting to share with the rest of us. It wouldn’t be prudent to directly link to these demos right here, but if you look around The Mars Volta’s fan forum you can certainly still find links to obtain a copy for yourself. No matter where they came from, fans like myself are more than thrilled to hear a glimpse into songs that never were from one of the best and most ambitious bands of the early 21st century.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer