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The Main Street Gospels’ “Love Will Have Her Revenge”, The Dirty Blues Movement Expands…

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The art of electric, dirty, folk blues is on the way in.  Over the last 2+ years Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys have perfected the sound and been one of the lone carriers of the torch.  Enter The Main Street Gospel from Columbus, Ohio.  With their debut album hitting shelves June 29th, expect them to hit the ground running and take off with great momentum.

Love Will Have Her Revenge is a nice combination of the sounds of the Black Keys, CCR, Norman Greenbaum, Tom Petty, and the psychedelic movement of the late 60s and early 70s.  Somehow, this band has managed to mix such an eclectic array of sounds into an album capable of being played on easy listening stations or even a hotel lobby.

The album opens with the title track in which the melody builds into a beat reminiscent of the song, “Spirit in the Sky” by 60s feel good rocker Norman Greenbaum. Vocalist Barry Dean channels Black Keys singer/songwriter Dan Auerbach throughout the album.  The Keys influence can be heard heavily not only in this particular number but also all over “I Won’t Be Stayin’.”  The hard driving guitar riffs by guitarist Vug Arakas combined with the slowly building heavy bass drum from Adam Scoppa is what make this track extremely fun to listen to.

The instrumental ghost of Creedence Clearwater Revival rears its head in the song “Losing Sleep.” A twangy guitar and all around musically gifted song make this one of the most enjoyable of the bunch.

The song-writing on this album is impeccable.  Their lyrics do a very fine job of accompanying the tonality of the music itself.  The instrumental part of the album is a very laid back and bluesy tone, and the words of the album reflect that.  Some songs, such as “Getting Through,” make Love Will Have Her Revenge a perfect rainy day album.  The album almost steps out of the speakers and surrounds you in a world of tolerable, but eerily enjoyable sadness.

Do yourself a favor next time the sun isn’t shining– purchase this album off iTunes and sit back and watch the rain hit your windows.  It’ll make you feel a little bit better.

By Mitch Inkrott