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The Lonely Biscuits

The Lonely Biscuits

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Deeming a band’s sound as “unique” may be one of the most overused descriptions in music, but it’s hard to call The Lonely Biscuits anything else.

Founded in September of 2011 by band members Grady Wenrich and Sam Gidley, The Lonely Biscuits — formerly known as Gravy and the Biscuits — started in a dorm room at Belmont University. Grady and Sam, roommates at the time, soon learned of their mutual love for making music, and quickly started working together.

John Paterini heard the ruckus from his room across the hall, and went over to see what was up. When he walked out, he was the band’s lead singer. Two months later, the band had found their bassist in Nick Byrd, and the line-up was complete.

The Lonely Biscuits blend hip hop, soul, funk, and pop, all with a strong laid back vibe that would make listeners swear they’re from southern California. In reality, the group is based out of Nashville, Tenessee. Sure, their sound may not fit the mold of the average Nashville group, but then again, little about The Lonely Biscuits is average.

All of The Lonely Biscuits music can be downloaded for free from their website, so don’t forget to check that out. While you wait for their jams, scope out our live session footage with the band above.

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor