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The Lonely Biscuits @ Nashville – Concert Review

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With a sudden burst of fame and a Chevrolet Sonic College Artist Woodie Award from MTV, The Lonely Biscuits have been doing nothing but picking up speed. Their catchy songs and great music have molded them into one of the best bands Belmont University the lonely biscuits concerthas to offer. Wednesday night at The Exit/In, The Lonely Biscuits played a phenomenal show.

Though the place was not filled to capacity, you could tell that more than the usual groupies were at this show. I had never seen them before, but as soon as they came on stage you could just hear the Sublime and Beastie Boys influence. They came on stage (to what one has to believe was Make Ya Music, but they did not say, so we cannot br completely sure) and the crowd obviously loved it and was dancing and singing the lyrics back right away. After that, they went on to play a solid mixture of songs off their newest album “A Girl Named Destiny” and their first album, “Soul Food”.

The Lonely Biscuits’ “Chasni’ Echoes”

About halfway through the set, the crowd was asked a question one certainly was not expecting; how many people know the song “No the lonely biscuits concertScrubs” by TLC? It surprised me simply because we has all completely forgotten that song had even existed. They used the “No Scrubs” chorus while putting in their own lyrics. It was definitely a great use of the chorus while they put their own soul/funk/hip-hop spin on it. It would be cool to see if they actually record and release it as a song on an album of theirs or just keep it as a show specialty.

When they finished with the “No Scrubs” cover, they started to go into some of their more popular songs. They played song like “Lonely” and “Chasin’ Echoes” and the crowd knew every single word. Seeing a band with a following is always great, and it will only keep getting better for them.

The Lonely Biscuits have a fan base that is growing daily, they even won me over at their show. Most of their shows are not too expensive, so if you are a fan of bands like Sublime, Beastie Boys and 311, you should definitely give The Lonely Biscuits a shot. Their newest EP, “A Girl Named Destiny”, came out earlier this year. Do not be surprised if this band takes off, and quickly.

Written by John Masserini 

Photos from Samantha Wideberg

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