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The Libertines’ “Up The Bracket”

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Despite fracas between band members and only two albums to preach about, The Libertines guided the post-punk revolution of the early twenty-first century with grit, glamour and cleverness. Whether it was their signature low-fi sound or their lives outside the band that made them famous, The Libertines made a sudden impact in the United Kingdom and will be highly influential to rock and post-punk collectives for many years to come.

A special thing about The Libertines was their diverse repertoire; some tunes were chaotic bangers perfect for the pit (Horrorshow, I Get Along) and some tunes were beautiful and toned down love songs for everyone’s softer side (What Katie Did, Music When The Lights Go Out). The title track from their 2002 debut, Up The Bracket, is a fitting example consisting of a perfect combination of both the loud side and the soft side of The Libertines.