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campaign of hate

The Libertines — “Campaign of Hate”

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Artist: The Libertines
Song: “Campaign of hate”
Album: The Libertines

Despite a current absence from touring and releasing, The Libertines are still held close to many Indie rockers hearts. Their self-titled album ‘The Libertines’, released in 2004 reached the #1 album spot in the UK charts almost instantly. Produced by punk rock idol Mick Jones of The Clash, this post punk indie rock album shows Doherty and partner in crime at the time Carl Barat in their element.

Published by EMI, Campaign of Hate is a perfect example of how the British Indie Rock album combines Pete’s voice, full of unique soft tones and shouts, with punk rock-esque guitar licks and cleverly relatable lyrics. With Barat and Doherty rumoured to be back on speaking terms in recent months, can we expect more long awaited songs from these likely lads?