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the knife full of fire

The Knife’s “Full of Fire”

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7 years ago the Knife made a splash in the indie & electronic worlds with the release of Silent Shout (if you have not listened to that one, be sure to soon). But of course that was 7 years ago, when darkly twisted eclectic electronic music was still avant-garde for most listeners. That’s not true anymore. Yet, even so, there is something so uniquely alien and progressive in their sound and personas that they are kind of always talked about as a side dish to the normal musical world. They are kind of like a gloomy and gutsy version of Daft Punk in that manner.

“Full of Fire” is off of their upcoming album Shaking the Habitual, which comes out tomorrow. For those who are not acquainted with their music, you can’t look at this like a regular track, but more so like a drawn out dance track that a DJ would play live – even though it’s not really that at all. The beginning will be more accessible than the ending for most, but give it a chance, and in your more energetic or dark moods you might find something to love.

the Knife’s “Full of Fire”