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The Hip-Hop Artist Milo – An Interview


[Below is an interview with the hip hop artist Milo, who just released two EPs, ‘Things That Happen at Night’ and ‘Things That Happen at Day’. They were his 3rd and 4th albums of his budding career. You may play both EPs in the two separate players below in the article. Obviously, we suggest you listen while you read!]

milo interviewQ: Firstly, where does the inspiration for your music come from? Was it influenced by other artists, specific events, etc.?

A: Rarely do I ever think of my music as inspired but I guess it must be. Perhaps I would use the word “crockpotted” or “pressure-cooked”, which are two words I’ve just made up now for this very conversation so, in a way, they are perfect as they have not existed outside the contexts of this moment and are ripe with genuine’ness. He he he…

But on the real, inspiration comes typically from being out-of-place. I find myself trying to translate a lot of the things whirring passed my subjective lens into language I can make sense of, then that tribal tongue becomes rap-language and for whatever reason some people on the internet really like that. To y’all I’m eternally indebted.

Q: Can you explain your writing process? How does everything come together?

A: A lot of my writing stems from my reading or staring at my girlfriend’s face when she’s sleeping. Lately the latter.

Q:Where do the groups Hellfyre Club and Nom De Rap stand? Any plans for future releases?

A: Nom de Rap is non-existent. Nicholas J and I will be working, hopefully, on a project this summer but there’s no promises. He’s one of my dearest and oldest friends but now everyone is a grown up with their own lives and directions and dinners to make. Anything he makes I will champion until my voice is hoarse, though.

Hellfyre Club is, quite explicity, the home I always wanted. A small rebel alliance that is just arrogant enough to think it can destroy the Death Star with one X-Wing Fighter. It is my plan to be a part of this group for as long as they’ll have me and then to lurk around annoyingly after I’ve overstayed my welcome.

Q: Is there a dream collaboration or a dream venue to play at? What’s the ideal goal for you with your music?

A: It’d be cool to do a song with Ab-Soul, a lot of his stuff reverberates with me directly in the gut. As for a dream venue? There’s a place in Wisconsin called “The Shitty Barn” and I have been fortunate enough to play there once. It is, above and beyond, the greatest venue of all time and to return would certainly be a dream.

milo interview

The goal with my music is to maintain a certain honesty and quality. That sounds pretty pretentious as if I’m trying to imply no one else is doing this – I don’t believe that. I merely mean to say that what everyone else is doing easily, that is to say, creating without impediment – is sort of difficult for me.

I read once that Picasso felt if an artist ever felt totally satisfied with a work she ceased to be an artist. With that in mind, it seems like goals are a terrible idea then.

Q: Was creating these two new EP’s any different than your previous works? How were they similar?

A: Somewhere in the last year I became a man. I think they are a reflection of that. “Night” was written in my mother’s barn in Maine while I was working in gardens with 9 year-olds planting radishes, lamenting a number of personal failures (on my part) that had consumed me. “Day” was written after the most noble and good Open Mike Eagle took me on my first tour. It seemed to me apparent that one would be steeped in a certain self-seriousness and the other would be more a doe-eyed look at the bright beautiful world around me. Apparently some have disagreed. That’s cool, too.

Q: To the average listener, some people might think your EP’s are just oddball hip-hop. What do these EP’s (things that happen at day/night) mean to you?

A: “Just oddball hip hop” is exactly what they are and exactly what is so important to me. There isn’t enough of this stuff going on. In fact, I’m rather tired and sick of the old “over saturation” argument you hear from so many quote-unquote underground rappers. There really isn’t a ton of excitingly creative stuff being made so if somehow I have tapped into “just oddball hip hop” then yes, by all means I am happy to do so.

milo interviewQ: What’s next for you? Have you any plans for the future you care to share?

A: My parents are pushing hard for me to graduate with a Philosophy degree. My plans lack clarity. In the immediate future I am working on a record for my Grandfather which is, as of this moment, titled “Cavalcade.” I’m also thinking of asking my girlfriend to live with me in a small apartment in Milwaukee this summer. I don’t know, man. Baby steps.

Q: To finish, do you have any last words?

A: As a weak, vile and suffering creature I ask that you look for the good in the things I have created. And once you’ve glimpsed it – immediately forget them.

Written by Dylan Tracy

OurVinyl | Contributor