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The Heartless Bastards’ “The Mountain”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is the Heartless Bastards’ “The Mountain”. This is a wonderful swaying blues rock song. Notice the wailing steel guitars that sit wonderfully in the background, almost sounding 10 feet behind the other instruments, but yet adding a tremendous emotive to the track. As always, Erica, their lead singer give the song some weight with her sincerely soulful & bluesy voice.

The song eventually picks up considerable momentum and energy, but because of the more steadily somber steel guitar, there is actually two different feels to the songs happening simultaneously. Which one you want to focus on, well that’s up to you and your current mood. The Bastards are good at doing that, at being applicable to numerous moods. Let’s hope this helps out your mood – whatever it may be.

Heartless Bastards // The Mountain by Ritual de lo Habitual