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the grouch simple man

The Grouch: Simple Man

Song Of The Day

the grouch simple man

Artist: The Grouch
Song: Simple Man
Album: Making Perfect Sense

A simple track for a simple man; short samples, vibraphone and marimba, and some sweet horns dropping in, this song is not your typical hip hop jam (but then again, neither is The Grouch). Going the opposite direction of most rappers, The Grouch lays it all out: I wear $20 pants, eat cheese sandwiches, my graffiti sucks, but I can rhyme and I love music. Straight up, taking it back to the source, The Grouch doesn’t glorify money and bitches. Rather, his focus and love is all for the music, and his fans would say that it translates directly into his sound and his skill.

A good mellow tune to chill tune, Simple Man is a reminder to be yourself. If you’re looking for something a bit more bumpin’, however, check out some of the many remixes of his work (especially from Glitch Mob’s eDiT) or his¬†collaborations¬†with the Living Legends.

Simple Man by The Grouch

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Meghan Bender | Senior Writer