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The Giving Tree Band


The Giving Tree Band is an indie bluegrass/folk/rock band that formed about 6 years ago just outside of Chicago. Comprised of drums, upright-bass, mandolin, guitars, a slide/lap-guitar, banjo, and fiddle – The Giving Tree Band can create for a multifarious sound. But they also rely on everyone’s voices; as they have a deftly honed ability to use harmonies within their music, it’s one of the most powerful aspects of their musicianship. Having now released 4 studio LPs – their latest being the successful “The Joke, The Threat & The Obvious” and been apart of festival touring they are slowly starting to create a name for themselves, which is respect well deserved. With the ability to play enchanting slow-burning folk numbers, complex bluegrass compositions, or to simply rock one’s face when all 8 of them get excited – they have a tuneful and melodious capacity which would leave few looking for a reason not to enjoy their music.

But this band’s appeal is even greater than their music. Recording their LPs with renewable energy, and using 100% recycled materials for their CDs and packaging, this is a band that can truly deem themselves as “green”. The band’s second full-length album, Great Possessions, was – incredibly – recorded with 100% solar energy at the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center in Baraboo, WI. And on top of that, while they were recording, the band camped in a nearby state park and commuted over 500 miles by bicycle. And the best part of their dedication to creating their craft in a positive manner is that it can be sincerely heard and felt in their music.

While OurVinyl was attending the 2010 Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival, we were so blown away by their live set that we casually asked if we could possibly talk to them. They agreed. While looking for a quiet place to record an interview, an old studio room was discovered up in the recesses of the Congress Theater, so we had to ask the band – maybe we could use this room to record some music instead of an interview? The guys eagerly agreed and got out their instruments, moments after putting them away after their main-stage set. So not only are these guys quite generous with their time, it is apparent they just love playing together and don’t need much encouragement to practice their craft – their love of what they do is apparent in the videos.

The first song they recorded was Circles, from their Latest LP, “The Joke, The Threat & The Obvious.” All that was used to record was a nice pair of stereo microphones, so yes – they do just sound that good all on their own!

This second song they played for us is Caged Lion, also off of their most recent release. Notice the beautiful fiddle present throughout the song, and the drummers ability to play his instrument, perfectly, in a manner he can’t be used to playing. The third song that we were treated to was Silent Man, and it must be a newer one they are working on. Notices those flawless harmonies and the stunning mandolin solo.

Thank you so much to The Giving Tree Band for sharing your time, energy, and music! You guys are fantastic musicians, and great guys at that…

Click here to check out The Giving Tree Band’s iTunes Page, and get yourself some new music!