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The Fritz “Hell Yeah” : AURA Music & Arts Preview

Song Of The Day

This week’s Song of the Day articles will be featuring artists from Aura Music and Arts Festival, going down March 9-11 in St. Cloud, FL.

Artist: The Fritz

Song: “Hell Yeah”

Album: Not Yet Released (Live Recording)

Today’s song features The Fritz, coming at ya from North Carolina to get you out of your seat with their soulful brand of electric funk rock. “Hell Yeah” will instantly have you dancing to its uptempo drum beat and funky organ riffs. On top of the group’s instrumental chops, they really bring it home with their soulful and bluesy vocals. About halfway in The Fritz take you to church, jumping into double time and letting the organ cut loose. When it drops back down the guitar takes over showing that every piece of The Fritz machine can bring the heat.

This North Carolina band is best experienced live, so be sure to check them out if they come through their city. They also have a full length album out (listen to some tracks here) and one being released in June.