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the dunwells i could be a king

The Dunwells: “I Could Be a King”

Song Of The Day

Artist: The Dunwells
Song: I Could Be a King
Album: Blind Sighted Faith

Formed in England in 2009, folk rockers The Dunwells released their debut album Blind Sighted Faith in 2012. The quintet has created their own brand of Celtic influenced folk music with clear vocals and tight, well executed arrangements. 

The lead single from Blind Sighted Faith, “I Could Be a King” has a quick, string-heavy arrangement that calls to mind Mumford and Sons except with a brighter vocal delivery. The lyrics of the song implore the listener to lay down the trappings of adult life and experience the magic of fairy tales where anything is possible. Check out “I Could Be a King” below and join The Dunwells in celebrating the childhood innocence of the feeling of a life without restrictions stretching out before you.

Written by:
Stephanie Smith | Our Vinyl Contributor