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The Drums’ “I Need Fun In My Life”

Song Of The Day

Song: I Need Fun In My Life

Artist: The Drums

LP: The Drums

Today’s Song of the Day is the Drums singing ‘I Need Fun in My Life.’  Well who the fuck doesn’t?

The song comes to us off the Brooklyn-based band’s self-titled album, released in June 2010.  Labeled as “indie pop”, the founding members, Jonathan Pierce & Jacob Graham, met as children at summer camp.  They separated and formed a couple different electro-pop bands.  Having tired of the electronic scene, they came together again in 2006 to form the Drums, adding drummer Connor Hanwick.

Even though they traded their synthesizers for guitars, reverb still plays a huge part in each song the Drums have produced.  Graham states, “…if reverb didn’t exist we wouldn’t have bothered trying to start a band.”

The lyrics are so simple.  “The less you own, the more freedom you have.”  We all need fun in our lives and life in our fun.