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The Down Feathers’ “Pre-release EP”

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The Down Feathers are a new Chicago four piece band. And while they plan on releasing their first full length album this Spring they have decided to entice people by the release of their “Pre-release EP”. The Down Feathers plan a type of indie rock that leans heavily upon folk, western, and acoustic rock. The band is led by Jarryd Steimer, who writes the songs in addition to being lead singer and playing guitar. Lindsey Wilson complements him as backup vocalist, in addition to helping out on keys, guitar and vocals. Ben Carver (drums, percussion) and Kenji Juravic (bass) round out the band.

For the song In The Screen we find ourselves with a simple side-stepping drum line, which is highlighted by frolicking acoustic guitar and the occasional honky-tonk’ish electric overtones. For most of the vocals Lindsey’s singing follows in step with Jarryd’s, but not on all of it. The best part about their lyrics (besides that both have trained, and delightfully smooth voices) – on this song and the others – is that when both vocals are combines they are sonically at their best, but still Jarryd’s remains central – which imparts a sense of control and direction.

Light Note may be the most interesting and dynamic song of the EP. It conveys this sort of ebb and flow type of energy that one could either slow dance to, or find yourself pleasantly toe-tapping. These quick, but decidedly subtle, alterations of level of animation seem to best show off their music talents. Also, there is a very adroit breakdown of sorts; in which the energy falls away and we are left with crooning “woos” and revby tambourine, before the energy picks up again. It really helps to make the song.

If you are a fan of anything remotely similar to vocally-lead folk or acoustic rock then be on the look out for The Down Feathers full length release this spring.