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the doors the end

The Doors’ “The End”

Song Of The Day

While it appears that the Mayan calendar was the only thing that ended today, and not the world itself, we still thought it would be appropriate for the song of the day to be something that focuses on finality. (Also, until Hawaii crosses into tomorrow, it’s still Dec 21st and you never know!) It has been utterly amazing how much the western world has grasped onto this date as a potential Armageddon, it truly shows that there is an inherent human desire to contemplate & predict & discuss upon the end – not just of ourselves but ofthe whole world.

Today’s song is The Doors “The End”, which is a classic mellow 60’s psychedelic song. You may recognize it from the revered 1979 movie Apocalypse Now. And at 10 min long, Jim Morrison gives you ample trippy time to meditate on just what The End means to you. Is it “your friend” as it is to him?

The Doors The End