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The Divine Fits’ “My Love Is Real”

Song Of The Day

The debut LP from indie “super-group,” Divine Fits; which is aptly titled A Thing Called Divine Fits,  is being released this week (you can still stream the album in it’s entirety on NPR). If you’re not yet familiar with them; Divine Fits consists of Spoon front-man Britt Daniels, Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner and drummer Sam Brown from the New Bomb Turks. To celebrate, we have selected “My Love is Real” as our Song of the Day. This track was the first to surface from the new band and it exemplifies their sound perfectly. You can hear parts of each of the member’s former bands in here fused together with a little extra flair and pizzazz.

Although this song is sung by Boeckner, the vocals sound as if they came straight from a Spoon album. The songs jumps right into the drum-beat and bass line which are constant throughout the duration of the track. Different elements are laid on top as the song progresses and the refrain “My love is real; until it stops” brilliantly carries us to the end of the song, until it . . . stops. For fans of the acts associated with Divine Fits there is a lot to look forward to here. Prior to the album’s release they only played a few shows in the hometowns of the members as well as other select cities. A handful of dates are currently scheduled; be sure to catch them if they’re playing nearby:

8/28 Los Angeles, CA – Masonic Lodge
8/30 Seattle, WA – The Crocodile
9/04 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo
9/05 Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
9/09 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/06 Nashville, TN – SoundLand Festival
10/14 San Francisco, CA – Treasure Island Music Festival
10/27 Asheville, NC – Moogfest 2012

By Jesse Zryb