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The Disciplines

The Disciplines: Yours For The Taking

Song Of The Day

Song: “Yours For The Taking”

Artist: The Disciplines

Album: Smoking Kills

This is one of the best songs you’ve never heard. The way the Disciplines combine garage, punk, pop and good old fashioned rock and roll into a catchy and head-bobbing two and half minute anthem of unrequited love would make the Beatles proud. Instead of just complaining about the love he doesn’t have, it is a call to action, a song of motivation for the other party. We’ve all been there, wanting to shout words like these to that special someone. If this one doesn’t get your blood pumping, you’ve got no pulse.

The Disciplines’ Yours For The Taking

If the singer sounds a little familiar, that’s because he’s been around the block a while, working as guitarist and sometimes vocalist for underground legends the Posies, occasional guitar for the now-defunct R.E.M. and a member of Big Star since the early 90s. His backing band are a group of Norwegian musicians that could give fellow Scandinavians International Noise Conspiracy a run for their money in terms of punk ethic mixed with pop sensibilities.  If you like this one even a little, then their debut album, Smoking Kills is a must-have as it is an absolutely all-killer no-filler release that should be in every music lover’s library. For now, enjoy “Yours For The Taking.” This one is best if cranked to maximum volume, so put on the headphones and rock out!

Written by:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer