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The Dirty Nil Zombie Eyed

The Dirty Nil — “Zombie Eyed”

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Artist: The Dirty Nil
Album: The Dirty Nil/Northern Primitive Split 7″
Song: “Zombie Eyed”

We’ve featured The Dirty Nil before here on OurVinyl, but one of their more recent singles, “Zombie Eyed,” deserved some special attention. Released as one of two tracks on a 7″ split with Northern Primitive, “Zombie Eyed” has all we love about The Dirty Nil — fuzzy guitar, fuzzy bass, amps cranked to 11, and a punk rock spirit.

In a genre that is constantly cited as “dead” by those that consider themselves a part of it, The Dirty Nil are proving the opposite. If punk is in a transition phase, one can only hope that this is the next wave — and that The Dirty Nil continue to lead the resurrection for a long time to come.


Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor