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the deadly hearts the wobble

The Deadly Hearts: The Wobble

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the deadly hearts the wobble

Artist: The Deadly Hearts
Song: “The Wobble”
Album: The Deadly Hearts

Some say you can never beat the classics. That may be true, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be reinvented. In a small corner of Canada, at a local tavern called Gus’ Pub, there is a fusion of old and new happening that’s got my hips shaking. Conceptualized by Miles Deck and Craig Buckley on the roots of rock n’ roll, the duo also wanted to bring a contemporary component to the project. Taking a traditional approach to instrumentation, The Deadly Hearts –with a little inspiration from Dick Dale— are able to modernize a 1958 Jimmy McCracklin classic.

Blasting off with a countdown from drummer Deck, then followed swiftly by the fuzz effects on Buckley’s guitar, the track is jumping right from the get-go. Add the bop from Ben Manuel’s bass and the static reverb of Jake Thurgood’s vocals and you got a concoction that will no doubt get your socks hopping. As the track progresses with catchy ascending hooks and Deck’s drums chugging out the beat, there’s an essence of cultural ambience emulating from the speakers.



This cover suggests that the classics are not merely a historic backlog, but rather can be accessed by individuals and recreated to be relevant and exciting in our hyper-stimulated modern society. Lyrically the song isn’t thought provoking. It doesn’t carry a socially conscious message, nor would it suit the song if it had. It only requires you twirl a poodle skirt around at dizzying speeds while wielding a rat-tail comb at the soda shop. The band wraps the track up by teetering back and forth on Buckley’s effective hook, lifting you up and suspending you in animation, before placing you back on familiar ground.

Written By:
Matt Woodford | Contributor