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The Dead Milkmen: Punk Rock Girl

Song Of The Day

Artist: The Dead Milkmen
Song: “Punk Rock Girl”
Album: Beezlebubba

The Dead Milkmen were pivotal in the punk rock scene of the late eighties and early nineties, with their strung out guitar licks and oddball lyrics sang with thick Philly accents. The band found their biggest hit with “Punk Rock Girl” in 1988, off of their most recognizable record, Beezlebubba.

If you’ve never given the band a shot, this is a great intro track — and if you’ve been a lifelong fan, you’ll have no problem revisiting such a classic. The music video is great too — finding regular spins on MTV — as a low budget crew films the hilarious scenarios lead singer Joseph Genaro sings about. Check it out below.

Written by Dean Goranites