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The Church: “Under the Milky Way”

Song Of The Day

Artist: The Church
Song: Under the Milky Way
Album: Starfish

This 1980’s Australian rock group released their fifth album Starfish in 1988 after struggling with international success when they were dropped by their US label in the early years of the decade. Their sound described as a new wave and progressive rock, this album saw their comeback with a bright and melodious sound which launched starfish into the mainstream.

Under the Milky Way catapulted into the charts with its light melody and simplistic use of electric guitar which made a perfect back track to Steve Kilbey’s vocal, distinctive on a nothing short of striking chorus. The keyboards in this neo-romantic song have something of The Cure about them, and put together it makes Under the Milky Way a must-have in the record collection for any avid 80’s fan’s out there.



Written by:
Rhiannon Drew | Our Vinyl Contributor