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The Chandler Wright Story

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For our second interview we sat down with Aaron Wright in his hometown of Dublin, Ohio, just outside Columbus.  Aaron was and still is currently the frontman of the talented Chandler Wright Story. The group has calmed down a bit since their lead guitarist, Bob Murnahan moved to Arizona. The band experimented with extended solos and creative arrangements.  Aaron shared the stage with a popular variety of acts like Ekoostik Hookah, members of O.A.R., Tracy Byrd, Craig Morgan, Chris Cagle and will be opening for Billy Currington in mid August.  Aaron’s influences span from 90’s acts such as Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, John Popper and Dave Matthews Band to icons such as Van Halen and Johnny  Cash.   Aaron describes the group’s sound as a “modern alternative jazzy rock band with a little twang.”

It was not easy for us to catch up with Aaron as he currently plays in variety of bands and his weeks are full of gigs on a variety of stages. He described his background in music and mentioned he first began playing piano at the early age of 5 years old. He nurtured his passion for music by experimenting with a number of instruments such as the guitar, bass, mandolin, drums, and the harmonica. Personally, the harmonica is what caught our attention.

The Chandler Wright Story itself began as a bit of an excuse for experimenting with an original sound on Tuesday nights. Aaron founded the band in 1999 and decided his middle name, Chandler had a better ring to it than The Aaron Wright Story. Aaron recruited Bob Murnahan, John Zuck and his drum instructor Joel Steward to form The Chandler Wright Story. The group released 2 albums “Chapter 1” in 2001 and “A Tuesday Night On A Thursday” in 2004. They quickly grew a following throughout the Midwest and toured regionally for 7 seven years.  The group now gets together a few times a year when lead guitarist, Bob Murnahan is back in town.  Aaron is currently working on another album which may or may not be released as a self titled album.  Check out for more information on the group and on the in-the-works solo album.

On a personal somewhat funny note:  On our way to meet up with Aaron for the third time we sort of bombarded his brother’s wife with film and audio equipment.  He forgot to mention to her that we were stopping by but, I can only imagine what she thought when she looked out her window and saw our over eager camera man hanging out of the sun roof gathering footage.

Mike Reuther