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The Cave Singers’s “Seeds of Light”

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Artist: The Cave Singers
Song: “Seeds of Night”
Album: Invitation Songs

Our Vinyl came across this group on the new buzz, Spotify.  The band is joining Dave Matthews at The  Gorge in September and just finished preforming at the popular Newport Folk Festival. The Cave Singers have been nothing short of busy, sharing the stage with Fleet Foxes on their most recent tour.

If you like folk music give these guys a shot. They really put their own twist on the genre.  This particular track is off their album Invitation Songs. The entire album is spectacular, but be especially sure to check out the song “New Monuments.” The band hails from Seattle , but don’t worry  if you don’t live in their neighborhood — if you plan on attending Austin City Limits, they’ll be there!

Written by Mike Reuther