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The Cars Reunite and Give us a Glimpse of New Material

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One guesses The Cars have noticed that that whole “New Wave” sound, which they were such an important component of in the 1980’s, has again found new life with the contemporary generation of musicians and music-lovers. Well rumor has it that they have reunited and are back in the studio working on a new album, their first in 23 years. The Cars created such 80’s timeless classics as “Just What I Needed”, “Since Your Gone”, and “Good Times Role”. And it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that if an indie band released those songs today it would be quite popular – something that could not have been said in the 90s or early 00’s. And who knows if that is the impromptu for their reunion, or if it’s just a desire to work together again, but either way we all could be the benefactors.

The Cars have released 1 min of a new song they have been working on, Sad Song. And the clip is below. Let us know what you think.. is this comeback worth it? Do you like what you hear?