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The Buku Music and Art Project Preview

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Buku by Shanook1 on Mixcloud

Check out this promotional mix for BUKU Music & Art Project created by James Price AKA Shanook. It’s a great way to get psyched for the festival which goes down this weekend at Mardi Gras World in New Orleans. It is a mix featuring tracks by Nguzunguzu, Major Lazer, Porter Robinson, Sbtrkt, Robot Koch and more…


As the summer festival season quickly approaches, music fans and festival attendees alike highly anticipate the line-ups to their favorite events. It is almost as if you get to open a gift on Christmas morning each time that a festival showcases which artists will fill out their bills. These artists not only provide the entertainment and essence of the music festival, but also serve to help facilitate the motif of the experience along with a number of other features. The completion of the festival experience is the production of the event itself including food, convenience, and all the little details that the fan overlooks when rushing the gates to see their favorite musicians.

Let’s not sugarcoat it, these events are business ventures and the primary objective is always to cover costs and make some money. For these reasons, we see many multi-day festivals that feature the same artists as many others, and the ambiance at said events are only as memorable as you and your friends are willing to make it, as the music is pretty consistent. It is those intimate, unique events that one will remember forever not just for the quality of the music, but feeling and vibe of that special experience.

So when a small group of friends, who are veteran festival attendees and devout music fans of all genres, decide to create a festival, you better believe that considering the experience for the fan is in the very forefront of consciousness. Of course the bulk of the festivities lies in the potent lineup, but the guys at Winter Circle Productions have partnered up to thoroughly craft The Buku Project to satisfy even the smallest concerns of the fan. Approaching a festival in this enticing way it is a reason to get excited, buku excited.

Aviici’s Sweet Dreams

Such is one of the storylines to this year’s inaugural Buku Music and Art Project in New Orleans, Louisiana. Taking place over St. Patricks Day weekend on March 17 and 18, this festival is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience that New Orleans has not seen before, a rare statement indeed. It all started in 2008 when a couple of guys got together to put on a late night show for one of their favorite bands. Since then, Dante DiPasquale and Reeves Price co-founded Winter Circle Productions, a company that brings a new fresh sound to New Orleans, focusing on pushing electronic music and quality touring acts that usually overlook the city where live music is effervescent.

In only a few years, WCP has grown into a lasting presence in the crescent city, most notably with its monthly concert series BASSIK that features the world’s top talent in bass driven music. This has all amounted to being bestowed the local Offbeat award for best music promoter in the city. And now, with months of planning and years of anticipation from the guys themselves, the time has finally come to debut their own festival, one where they can merge the genres and create an atmosphere that breathes new life onto the standard festival circuit.

The Buku Music and are Project is just that: an organic work in process that will inevitably keep changing throughout the coming years, always catering to the fan. For their first year, WCP has taken no baby steps, teaming up with MCP to help bring some of the biggest talent in the world, literally. Headlined by Swedish sensation Avicii and Grammy award winning Skrillex, each day in this festival is stacked with talent from electronic to hip-hop to indie acts.

The weekend also features sets from big guns Wiz Kalifa, Diplo and SBTRKT to name a few. In addition to the standard artists that are featured throughout perennial festivals, the Buku Project is unique in that it is showcasing its local talent through a seamless music experience rather than as an afterthought. Taken from some of WCP’s firsthand experiences, they have ingeniously elected to not just have the local DJs on some side stage where no one hears it, creating those awkward voids in between sets. Instead, the party will remain continuous with local talent segueing between each artist’s performances.

The festival as it stands now aesthetically is most appealing. Nestled on the East Bank of New Orleans, just a few minutes walk from the French Quarter is the site of the festival at Mardi Gras World. How one could read that and not be excited is unreasonable as the festival will be taking place on the serene setting of the Mississippi River with boats slowly coasting by as music is bumping and people are dancing. It almost sounds too cool to be true, which is type of ambiance WCP envisioned.

This is the agenda of WCP, to keep the experience special through every facet of the festival. When asked what makes this festival different than others, Reeves Price had some choice words saying, “The conscious fusion of the electronic and hip-hop scenes is what differentiates this event from others on the surface, but there are lots of other areas which we are focusing on that shall provide unique elements as well, mainly the food and art which both will have heavy local inspiration.”  Unlike the generic festival with typical fare, Buku will bring that local Big Easy flavor to the food, music, live art installations and experience

In addition to an already salivating bill, The Buku Project has provided a unique late night experience for after the first day of the festival. Headlined by Wolfgang Gartner, the late night event will be on location with a unique set of supporting talent including Archnemisis, Plastic Plates, Salva, and Nguzunguzu. With such a cast ranging from heavy electro to fresh-to-death NuDisco to the trending Moombahton genre, the setting for this scene will be one to remember. It is these unique experiences that WCP is attempting to create – providing memorable acts that fit the mood of the site. It’s hard to tone down the extrapolations for how special this festival will be, but look forward to a detailed review of the first Buku Project to come afterwards.

Camping is not available in the city center, but there are loads of hotels and accommodation options that cater to weekend visitors. New Orleans, in general, is a relatively inexpensive city, so it wont break the bank to get out for a weekend and be a part of the Buku Project.

So why come out to Buku? If not intriguing enough, Price adds “I think it is pretty clear that NOLA is probably the most unique city in North America and there are probably 100 reasons why people would seek us out as a destination city. Whether it’s the architecture, the music or the drinks everybody seems to come her to escape what others seem to describe as “normal”.” OurVinyl is looking forward to the first glimpse at this unique escape – you should too.

By Danny Goodman