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buku music festival 2013

The Buku Music and Art Project 2013 – A Preview

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Last year in New Orleans, The Buku Music and Art Project burst onto the festival circuit with the objective of fusing the most current trends in music. In its sophomore year, The Buku Project returns to the Big Easy with a driving force to further develop its brand: a fun and eclectic event that seamlessly blends the best in today’s hip-hop, electronic, and indie-rock. Brought to you by New Orleans-born Winter Circle Productions along with Meatcamp Presents, the festival is attracting even more anticipation as the date steadily approaches.

buku music festival 2013On March 8 and 9, The Buku Project 2013 will be held once more at Mardi Gras World which rests just a few minutes away from the city center directly on the Mississippi River. The site offers a memorable setting, offering views of New Orleans surrounded by abandoned factories and the Crescent City Connection. In addition, Mardi Gras World is littered with old floats and sculptures from past holidays that add to the eerie motif.

Along with the already set physical layout of the venue, The Buku Project will be improving on all levels from last year. The Buku Project has added two more stages, one exclusively for VIP, bringing a more fluid and spacious landscape for attendees. The VIP tickets not only enable the fan to be privy to private performances from some serious talent, but also acts as an escape. The VIP experience, goes beyond giveaways and exclusive standing room, including an open bar and a private boat that will be docked directly at the festival.

The Art phase of the festival has improved as well. Installations assure to be vast including an expanded live gallery featuring a number of New Orleans’ most prevalent street artists. Twelve different pieces will be imagined and crafted as the weekend progresses. So while everyone is bopping along and getting down to tunes, one can meander and view the live paintings.The Buku project will also be hosting a silent auction where anyone has an opportunity to bring home one of the unique pieces.

buku music festival 2013As the Art aspect of the Buku Project is certainly enticing, the most notable change is seen through this year’s stellar bill that has music fans across the country buzzing. The Buku Project continues to develop its concept of merging these distinct and trending genres as exhibited through the headliners Kid Cudi, Calvin Harris, and Passion Pit. The balance and potency of the bill continues throughout the weekend showcasing such acts as Public Enemy, STS9, Alt-J, Kendrick Lamar and much much more. In addition to the more notable acts are many of the Gulf Coast’s local talent that are sure to take visitors by surprise. Stay tuned to OurVinyl as we release a more intimate look at some of the artists featured at the Buku Project as we near the festival date.

Not only does the festival stand alone as an attractive destination given the line-up and amenities, but New Orleans is an unbelievably unique city that further elevates the festival experience offering an ever-going night life and a world renowned food scene. For those who have never visited New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, this may be the perfect getaway that offers a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave no room for regret.

This is not a camping festival as New Orleans is a visitor-friendly city with a number of affordable options close by to the event. Weekend passes and a limited number of VIP ticekts are still available through The Buku Project website. This is not a festival to be missed. Go Buku and see why.

Need more convincing? Do not forget to look at the photo gallery from last year!

Written by Danny Goodman

OurVinyl | Senior Writer