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The Builders and The Butchers’ “Vampire Lake”

Song Of The Day

Sundays call for something a little easier on the ears, which to me usually means soul or bluegrass and folk music. If you’ve never heard of The Builders and The Butchers then today’s song “Vampire Lake” is a great introduction. Not only does it keep with the Halloween theme we’ve been running with lately, but it’s also a fun and catchy number. Who knew a song about vampires could be such a toe-tapping, hoedown-inspiring song. Have a listen here:

The Builders and The Butchers’ “Vampire Lake”

This Portland, Oregon-based band play their own unique style of folk and bluegrass where pop sensibilities and the instrumentation and lyrical content seemingly of a century ago mix together beautifully. When you listen to then you can almost image a dusty town in the old west where this band plays in a rowdy saloon. Enjoy your Sunday and this great track from a truly talented band.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer