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The Budos Band at The Independent, San Francisco

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Noise Pop 2012 brought a variety of artists to San Francisco last weekend for an indie onslaught of amazing musicians and sold out shows. Among them, all the way from Staten Island, was the infamously fun and funky Budos Band, who played to a full house at the Independent.

The band, following two hours of music from three opening acts, played for over two hours bringing an exciting mix of old favorites and new material. The band has hinted in the past year that new songs would have more psychedelic and doom rock influences, and it seems that they have accomplished that goal.

Many of the new songs had a darker tone, and went by mental illness themed names like the Floyd-influenced shredding guitar song “Dysphasia” and synchronized driving strings in “Seizure”.  Also on the set list (and a potential preview of the upcoming album), “Vertigo”, “Delusions”, and “Freak Out”.

Standout jams played at the Independent from their older albums include “T.I.B.W.F.” (any guesses what it stands for?), “Unbroken, Unshaven”, and “Chicago Falcon.” A particularly groovy “Up from the South” showcased guitarist Thomas Brenneck cutting through with an awesome high melody part.

It was clear that the guys like to have a good time when they come to San Francisco. Prior to the show the band hit some local bars, tweeting #BUDOSBEER2012, and during the show the fans weren’t the only ones passing joints. Fire alarms even went off during the musical pot performance, but the band drowned them out with their blaring horns and room-shaking rhythm.

While some parts of the show reflected their pre-show festivities, it didn’t affect the entire performance. The Budos Band plays party music, and art reflects life, so it all played into the band’s live persona. Budos fans like to dance and party, and the Budos bring both.  Though the band did point out at one point that the crowd was unusually docile, this author couldn’t tell from the front row, dancing in high gear.

Also key to the Budos Band’s live persona is bari sax player Jared Tankel. Front and center stage, along with a trumpet player (a sub filled in at the SF show), he signals changes to the band, stomping to the beat. Another notable force in the bands stage presence is bassist Dan Foder who uses his unique bass stance and mobility around the stage to work the crowd.

After talking to the band it seemed that they felt they could have put on a better show, but didn’t fail to bring the party. According to Tankel, “We can roll into a bar and we’re 10 guys and so we’ve brought the party immediately, which is the mentality that we have all the time on the road… It’s always on the edge of complete chaos, but that’s usually a good thing. It’s one of our creative sources,”.

Writing and Photos by Meghan Bender