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The Brian Jonestown Massacre’ “Anenome”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is Anenome and can be found on the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s fantastic double album “Their Satanic Majesties Second Request” (and yes, both their band name and the name of that album are allusions to the Rolling Stones). On this Friday after Thanksgiving, and before the weekend, while we all digest a little too much food, it’s nice to have a relaxing and hypnotic rock song to chill out to.

BJM knows how to recreate that 60’s psychedelia, but then improve upon it, but with hard-to-describe finesse. It’s that finesse of the genre the bands loves, and lives for, that allows for one to float away while their music plays. And of course, there is the shaker in the percussion, just keeping everything “real”. Let’s hope you dig it. If not, well then you can turn off the music and move onto the leftovers!

The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anenome