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The Boxer Rebellion’s “Evacuate”

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The Boxer Rebellion is one of those few bands whom can actually be considered international. With a mix of an American singer, an Australian guitarist and an English bass and drums combo, their sound takes the best from those corners of the world.

One of their best known tracks comes from their second LP, Union, a self-funded album first released digitally, since the band was unable to afford making physical copies of it. This made them partner with HMV to manufacture, promote and distribute the album, being the first band in the world to make such a move: and it paid off.

After movie cameos, playing at festivals and having songs from the album featured in movies and TV series, success finally came. With their single “Evacuate,” a roaring Nathan Nicolson sings about doubt in a furious drumming environment and never-ending guitar strumming: a track were hard rock and alternative rock blend perfectly.

Written by:
Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer