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The Blood Brothers: “Laser Life”

Song Of The Day

Artist: The Blood Brothers
Song: “Laser Life”
Album: Young Machetes

Seattle post-harcore outfit The Blood Brothers will always be remembered for their unorthodox sounds and their chaotic live shows. Their 5th album, Young Machetes, was the band’s most mature record but it still consisted of the same methods that made the band different and unique.

The album’s first single, “Laser Life,” starts with a distorted organ followed by the howls of Johnny Whitney which serve as an introduction to the deeper voice of Jordan Billie. Many bands try to pull off the dual vocalist approach but The Blood Brothers seemed to have perfected it. During each verse, the vocalists collide in what sounds almost like a battle of which one grabs the listeners’ attention the most. The chorus is a sing-a-long that is cheerful as well as it is damaging, as the band raises the level of volume and pandemonium. Accompanied by organ keys that could make a child bob its head, that’s where the audience notices the band’s sound is truly diverse and one of a kind.

Written by Alex G.