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The Barr Brothers: Beggar in the Morning

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Artist: The Barr Brothers
Song: “Beggar in the Morning”
Album: The Barr Brothers

Brothers Brad and Andrew Barr, two thirds of the Canadian improv-based rock band The Slip, have recently turned in the more classic rock leanings of their earlier sound for a more delicate, experimental side project that is the Barr Brothers. Along with Sarah Page, harpist, and Andres Vial, multi-instrumentalist, the brothers have released their debut self-titled album and garnered recognition from the likes of NPR, Paste Magazine and Relix Magazine.

“Beggar in the Morning” is centered on the swirling melodies and simple folk soundscapes, layered with quiet, harmonious vocals. Check out the Barr Brothers’ official music video for “Beggar in the Morning,” directed by Sebastian Lange, as well as the band’s debut album.

Written by Grace Beehler