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The Appleseed collective

The Appleseed Collective’s “Madly Crazy Darlin”

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“The whole house can year your damn feet dancing”, those were the wise yet angry words from my grandfather when I woke him up this morning by accident. People say it is hard to control your heart when you are excited, but some of those people don’t know that your feet are even harder to control.

It was a song’s fault, specifically The Appleseed Collective’s Madly Crazy Darlin’, an adrenaline for toe movement. Taken from their debut album Baby To Beast, this track fits perfectly in any non-speaking comedy short film from the beloved mute cinema era. Happy, simply happy, it is the mood of the song and the mood you are dragged to by its simple classic ragtime and bluegrass instrumental line-up of banjo, upright bass, washboard, violin and guitar.

Anyone could falsely believe that this was a hidden recording of a now extinct 1920’s band, but luckily for us, it came from the young hands of Ben Rolston, Katie Lee, Vince Russo, Brandon Worder and Andrew Brown. With a new album expected to come out this year, honest music is already being kept alive by these kids from Michigan and bright morning are lighted up by it.

Sadly, some minds are woken up earlier that wanted to as well.

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Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

OurVinyl | Senior Writer