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The Antlers’ “Parentheses”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is aimed at fitting in with the autumn Sunday vibe. One can still sense the energy of summer, but it’s twisting away into something else. The nights are getting longer. And you can hear it. But that’s ok if you embrace it. “Parentheses” is a track that can be found on the Antlers’ album Burst Apart. One has to love the way the vocals move gracefully from the foreground to the background and back again. The wailing guitar that is so present, yet still somehow a background sound. It’s a great indie rock song with just the right amount of psychedelia, and used just in the right way.

Let the Sunday vibe wash over you. And even if you disagree with that sentiment, you’ll still probably enjoy the song.

The Antler’s “Parentheses”