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The Antler’s “I Don’t Want Love”

Song Of The Day

Song: I Don’t Want Love

Artist: The Antler’s

Album: Burst Apart

Today’s song, “I Don’t Want Love”, is the opening track off of The Antler’s magnificent new LP ‘Burst Apart’. The Antlers are adept at creative mellow numbers that contain a strong heartbeat nonetheless, around which they create swirling psychedelic highlights while the alluring and mesmerizing vocals lead the way and set the emotional tone. It’s great music for sitting outside on a sunny day while you have some good headphones on, or to put on the ole’ stereo system while you are doing some relaxed reading. And even, if like these guys, you don’t want love – you will want to hear the rest of the album, and you should!

Have a great Thursday, here’s to getting the long weekend started early!